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My diverse journey, from a degree in fashion design at Milan's Polytechnic to completing my Master's at Alchimia in Florence, including an art-residency in Hong Kong, forms the foundation of my artistic exploration. Today, it is rooted in my hometown Piacenza, where I've established my studio and atelier: Breccia. In the world of contemporary jewelry, I create pieces that distance themselves from tradition, emphasizing performative and transformative qualities. Each unique piece invites interaction, presenting itself almost as a living entity.

I revel in engaging with materials, studying how to transform them in various ways. I let my body and hands roam in an almost unconscious process of assembly, using color and connections. With reverence and an almost meditative process, I create tiny elements, assembling them with further repetitive and obsessive techniques. The result is a "unicum" composed of hundreds of small individual selves that still can move, sound, and communicate with the body through the senses.

In my work, I aim to address authentic selfhood in contrast to today's society. This aspiration to engage with social themes stems from my commitment to activism, volunteering at a center with a focus on LGBTQI support and inclusivity. Additionally, I delve into drag, where performance and activism intertwine. This dual artistic identity, expressed through tangible works and embodied in drag performances, creates a unique blend that resonates in my expression as an artist and individual.




Brooch | copper, patina, recycled white gold
Brooch | copper, patina, recycled yellow gold
Un Passo
Brooch | copper, patina, recycled white gold
Object | copper, patina, enamel
Object | copper, patina, enamel
Brooch | balsa wood, copper, patina, steel, rust
Brooch | balsa wood, copper, enamel, steel, patina
Pride II
Chocker | copper, electroformed copper, recycled gold
Necklace | copper, enamel, patina, iron
Necklace | shibuichi, copper, enamel, iron, silk threads






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  • Nome: Alessia Prati
  • Indirizzo: Via Felice Frasi 23/C
  • Città: Piacenza
  • Nazione: Italia
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