MKaye Denkewalter


Living in Alaska has afforded me a magical background in which to create my art. The surrounding mountains inspire me to create organic small sculptures, metal utensils and jewelry. The jagged mountains are the forces of nature that I try to incorporate into the metals while the receding glaciers bring a sleek coolness to my work. Many of my ideas come from long hikes in the mountains and along the stream beds. I work primarily in silver by forging or fabricating my pieces. Feeling the metal in my hands makes me connect to the world around me, which in turn makes me happy. The alone time in my studio, creating my work is what makes me whole.






2016. Sterling Silver Forged Bracelet
2019. Bronze, Driftwood, Rubber, Copper Bolts Pendant
2012. Etched Sterling, Jasper Rock
2015. Fused Sterling Silver, 18k Gold, Blue Topaz
2015. Fused Sterling Silver
2008. Sterling Silver, Titanium, Topaz
2010. Sterling Silver, 18k Gold, Brown Pearl
2014. Fused Sterling Silver, Keum-Boo
2018. Wood, Sterling Silver, Black Onyx, Bronze
2018. Wooden Scrap, Sterling Silver




  • Nome: MKaye Denkewalter
  • Indirizzo: 2513 Brooke Drive
  • Città: Anchorage
  • Nazione: United States
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  • Telefono: 9078308471