Myriam Bottazzi


"I am searching for another form of beauty, one that is not obvious"
Myriam Bottazzi's contemporary jewelry is born from the intimate need to find a personal version of beauty, asymmetrical and imperfect, through which one recognizes oneself and communicates one's own vision of things. The perception of nature as a source of constant and unlimited inspiration, leads her to experiment with the most diverse combinations of shapes and materials, always faithful to the suggestions of an organic thought that she transmits to her creations.
Refined and ineffable works that escape definitions and belonging, complex and mutable pieces that become the expression of the perpetual flow of the universe, evoking the Japanese culture that has deeply marked her artistic path.




Innesto Inverso
Flying strass
Sprouts of flowery fossil
Fossil in bloom
Ali di libellula - Dragonfly wings
Fossile Rosso
Chipped Red Branch, Rock Crystal


  • Nome: Myriam Bottazzi
  • Indirizzo: Via degli Ausoni,7
  • Città: Roma
  • Nazione: Italia
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  • Telefono: 3932360433