Maria Rosa Franzin

Maria Rosa Franzin Ph. © Zhao Yi


Maria Rosa Franzin uses tiny specks of fine gold on the surface of white or oxidized silver, as if it were paint that she applies to the surface of the metal in the form of brush strokes or tiny dots. This pictorial approach stems from her background at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice where she trained as a painter. Since the early days, Franzin has made use of gold in a very light, almost insubstantial manner. The gold specks almost become intangible, but at the same time are able to capture the light and show us the beauty of their warm natural colour in contrast to that of the dark or white silver they are lying on. An important feature in her work is the three-dimensional aspect. Most of her works have a double layer or have elements protruding so as to create a shadow or occupy the surrounding space. Her latest pieces have seen the introduction of resin, creating monochromatic crust-like surfaces, that at times englobe other elements, such as coral.


Casa delle perle
argento, legno di bosso, perle 2018
Collana, argento, oro, legno di bosso, colore acrilico, perle 2017
Blue Wood
Collana, argento, oro, legno di bosso, lapislazzuli 2017
Oro e Nero
Orecchini, oro, argento ossidato 2017
Argento, oro, acciaio
Spilla - Oro999, argento, ferro, magnete 2008
Spilla, argento, metacrilato, pittura acrilica.
Seven in Tokyo
Spilla - Argento, oro, pittura acrilica, polvere di legno, colla - 2012
Spilla, argento, metacrilato, oro, legno di bosso. 2014
La casa dell’Anima 11
Argento, acrilici
La casa dell’Anima 9
Argento, acrilici
Spilla, argento, pigmento, corallo 2019
Orecchini, argenti, smeraldi 2019
Spilla, argento, resina, legno di bosso, 2014
Percorso verde

Pubblicazioni / Publications


COLLECT Contemporary -
di Joanna Hardy
Malcolm Cossons - Thames&Hudson 2012
Premio Internazionale Mario Pinton I Edizione -
di a cura di Mirella Cisotto Nalon
Padova 2011
Collect V&A 2007
di Crafts Council London
Esme West
Maria Rosa Franzin
di testi a cura di C. Weber-Stober
Nuova Grafotecnica 2004
Pensieri Preziosi 7
di a cura di Mirella Cisotto Nalon ed AGC
Padova 2009




  • Nome: Maria Rosa franzin
  • Città: Padova
  • Nazione: Italia
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