Relation to the body

Abstract Essay: This work searches for a meaning to a seemingly given statement: relation to the body, which is written to almost every jewellery open call. What does relation to the body stand for? How much freedom does that notion give to the artist? If the openness is real then it allows artists to travel in the borderlines of mediums. The essay shows how the body has been used in different fields and which topics are relevant in art. It brings examples in the field of jewellery and beyond. The writer of this essay asked other jewellery artists to write 100 words about the relation to the body. The liberty to write any way wanted was given by the author. Four jewellery artists out of eight agreed to write. Their texts are interwoven into this essay. The sources for the essay vary between the field of contemporary art and contemporary jewellery, as the topic itself suggests crossing between the fields and mediums. The essay cited articles from culture newspapers and Moma website and also master thesis works from the Estonian Academy of Arts.