Rethinking the Context - Contemporary jewelry: from the art museum to the ethnographic museum

Abstract Essay: This essay proposes a new perspective to contextualize contemporary jewelry, a new way of looking and exhibiting that encompasses historic and ethnographic jewelry as a network that feeds back into its different parts. While doing so it offers the possibility of co-existence and nurturing among these diverse art forms in both the academic and the exhibition worlds. In the last 50 years, there has been an academic discourse that separated jewelry made by artists from jewelry considered as historic and ethnographic. In contemporary jewelry, this tension can clearly be seen both in the places where jewelry has been exhibited and in the curatorship. We are at the right moment to affirm that contemporary jewelry is mature enough to be in tension with ethnographic and historical pieces without losing anything in this movement. The analysis will focus on the shared ‘aura’. This new perspective starts from a foundation where there are no superior or inferior cultures. Besides, I seek not to force coincidences between art and craftsmanship. This new conversation focuses on the poetic and political potential that artworks have regardless of their origin. Each piece materializes the paradoxes of its own time and space.