Starting from the light and space movement, whose presence is both abstract and concretely real, I transformed a commonly known material, hot glue, to reflect and shape my own interpretation of what light and space could look like. I believe any form of artistic work should allow the viewer to observe its own knowledge and approach being shaped. The path I chose is based on “presences” in space, which are meant to be interpreted in the light passing through the piece.

In my experimentation, I shifted my vision towards this ordinary material and its applications to achieve a transformation that is not connected to any context or place but instead focuses on the individual perception of a few elements, such as light and space. The message I want to convey is wordless: to make oneself aware of one's emotions without being constructed into a specific message to follow.

Materials: Hot glue-silver leaf.



Calzaretti Giulia MontebelloAward Wordlessthought2 GIULIA CALZARETTI


Calzaretti Giulia MontebelloAward Wordlessthought3 GIULIA CALZARETTI


Calzaretti Giulia MontebelloAward Wordlessthought7 GIULIA CALZARETTI


Calzaretti Giulia MontebelloAward Wordlessthought8 GIULIA CALZARETTI