A Captivating Wall Calendar for 2019

A Captivating Wall Calendar for 2019

Exhibits from Pforzheim’s Jewellery Museum worn by people of our day and age

The photographer ISA Planck took pictures of jewellery from the collection of Pforzheim’s Jewellery Museum, worn by people of our day and age. A selection of these photos is now available as a wall calendar for 2019. With her pictures, ISA Planck explores the effect the individual pieces have when worn by people from our modern, multicultural society – dissociated from the conventions once governing how to wear the historical pieces. They radiate a strikingly imposing while at the same time compellingly natural aura that fascinated both the people who brought them back into »real« life for a brief moment and the photographer, who has highlighted each piece’s character to perfection, irrespective of its being a historical or a contemporary creation.

The idea for this project was conceived by the art historian Martina Eberspächer, and the jewellery was selected by the museum’s Director Cornelie Holzach, who also attended the photo shoot and put the precious pieces on the models. »This was a truly exciting and somewhat agitating experience – after all, we usually show our objects only in display cases. But thanks to the care and caution of everybody involved, as well as some precautions, such as a thick rug, for example, everything went smoothly and without a hitch,« the jewellery expert recalls.

Some of the pictures were already on view in the 2017 exhibition entitled »Must-sees – Jewellery in the Arts«. In addition to the portrait photos, the calendar includes isolated images of the objects, complemented by short explanatory texts. The calendar is available for € 22 at the Jewellery Museum’s shop, or can be ordered by e-mail to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. (plus shipping).

A pocket-size notebook with typography elements from the calendar and a set of postcards with the twelve calendar motifs have also been published. Both will be sold for € 12 each at the museum’s shop.

Captions: [g]: Eleni with a tiara by René Lalique, © ISA Planck Fotografie [i]: Jesse with a portrait medallion of Empress Eleonore, © ISA Planck Fotografie [k]: Jenny with an ornamental comb/tiara from the beginning 19th century, © ISA Planck Fotografie