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AGC is open to practicing jewellers, artists, designers, craftsmen, gallery owners, critics, museum curators, journalists, collectors, teachers, schools, foundations and cultural institutions, wishing to deepen and develop their knowledge in the contemporary jewellery field..

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AGC promotes and supports projects aimed at extending and enhancing the culture of contemporary jewellery at a national and international level, through the organization of conferences, round tables, workshops, exhibitions and scientific publications.
AGC promotes and encourages research through seminars, cultural exchanges, partnerships with national and international academies and universities, aimed at creating growth opportunities for the contemporary jewellery sector.
AGC supports and encourages those working in the contemporary jewellery field, with the aim of increasing awareness of a professional use of their creativity.
AGC takes part internationally in the creation of a network for the promotion and exchange of information, essential for an innovative growth of the contemporary jewellery sector.
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