Jeemin Jamie Chung


Jeemin Jamie’s work expresses her poetic vision by revealing the moments of her life. She has been focusing on showing the movements by giving colors and flow of the form as if the non-existent forms have been translated itself into the artwork. She likes to express her emotions through her artworks and to visualize the unseen forms. The core idea of her work is to think about the variety of contrasts around us that are forgotten in our lives. Her recent series: “Two Separate Ways” is continuously talking about the concept of the invisibleness by creating the artworks in different emotional state. The works are emphasized with black by reducing colors to show the isolation from her previous works. It is expressed with different emotions from her previous collections by capturing the moments of her life. She uses metal as her main material in creating her unique organic pieces.





Summer Flakes BSV5 | | 2017 | Brass, Pigment
Summer Flakes BSV1 | | 2017 | Brass, Pigment
Breeze '18 | 2018 | Brass, Pigment
Subtle Breeze No.4 | 2018 | Brass, Pigment, 25k Gold
Subtle Breeze No.5 | 2018 | Silver, Brass, Pigment, 25k Gold
Two Separate Ways No.7 | 2019 | Brass, Pigment, 25k Gold




  • Nome: Jeemin Jamie Chung
  • Indirizzo: Seochogu Bangbaedong
  • Citt√†: Seoul
  • Nazione: S.Korea
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Telefono: 821040199427