Caterina Zanca


Goldsmith-Designer-Wax-caster since 2006, I've been working for seven years at the Alberta Vita goldsmith's Studio learning the techniques of Padua's jewellery School. After that, I followed various technical courses and different workshops, such as Design at the Florentine Jewellery School "Alchimia"; Design courses held by Giorgio Gaino, design of the jewel held by MariarosaFranzin, metal oxidation with Master Lorenzo Burchiellaro, enamels with Luigi Barato and a seminar held by Charon Kransen. I graduated at the University of Ravenna in Conservation of Cultural and Environmental Heritage - Contemporary art.
I have attended several international exhibitions, events and competitions including: Gioielli in Fermento (Italy),  Joya Barcelona International Jewellery Fair, Alliages - Lille, OhMyBlue-Venice, Ickx-Brussels, Adornment-Venice, Dialogues-Japana and Italy, Fiera Vicenza oro, Premio Cominelli, (Italy)





Lo spazio dell'oro
Lago capovolto
2016. Argento, Pigmenti
Nuovi Spazi
2014. Argento, Rete metallica, Pigmenti. Gioielli in Fermento
2015. Argento, Smalto
2015. Argento, Smalti, Foglia Au
2015. Argento, Smalti, Foglia Au
2015. Argento, Ossidazione, Ottone, Foglia Au


  • Nome: Caterina Zanca
  • Indirizzo: Giuseppe Verdi, 1
  • Citt√†: Rovigo
  • Nazione: Italia
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.