Rita Marcangelo


Rita Marcangelo is fascinated by the idea of transforming a material in such a way that it becomes unrecognizable. She works with materials to the point that their possibilities are stretched, alternative solutions are found, bringing them to a point in which they acquire a completely new life. She is constantly searching for more extreme possibilities, diverse means of expression through the materials she uses. The intimate relationship created between the artist and her chosen medium, is part of the end result. She often achieves the decomposition of the matter that goes beyond simple transformation, reaching a pure state of metamorphosis. Her approach is instinctive and often counterbalanced by geometrical structures that encapsulate the transformed material.




Silver, burnt silk, acrylics
Second nature
Ring, oxidised silver, paper mache, bark
oxidised silver, burnt silk, acrylics
Ring - silver, burnt silk, acrylics
Brooch, silver, burnt plastic bottle, acrylics
silver, burnt plastic bottle, acrylics
Ring - silver, burnt silk, acrylics


  • Nome: Rita Marcangelo
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