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MIRROR OF THE SOUL by Bruno Pedrosa

Open at the Thereza Pedrosa Gallery and on its online site the solo exhibition of Bruno Pedrosa, from August 1 to September 1, 2020.

Bruno Pedrosa’s work is eclectic, as he moves comfortably from canvas to glass, from marble to paper, from brass to mosaic, from bronze to ceramic. Every time his life changes, he seeks new ways to express his feelings and himself. In early 2020, the artist celebrated 70 years of age and 50 years of career. This has led him to dwell on his life, his work and his artistic career. With a renewed desire to get back in the game and face new challenges, he started a collection of one-of-a-kind sculptures to wear. The period of isolation was therefore seized by Bruno as an unexpected opportunity to look inside himself and express his thoughts in a new form. The artist has always loved to discover new ways for his creativity, but the study of volumes remains the constant essence in all his works. Each wearable sculpture presented in the exhibition Mirrors of the Soul contains for Bruno Pedrosa an essential harmony for the soul. The balance between moments of happiness and moments of suffering are manifested in each brooch through the alternation of surfaces, sometimes smooth, shiny, brilliant, sometimes scratched, wounded and marked. The balance between moments of lightness and moments of emotional depth are manifested through the play of full and empty, concave and convex volumes. As in every human relationship, perfection attracts, the points of light capture the first glance, but it is the signs, the scars, the imperfections that enchant, fascinate and make the mind wander, falling in love. The entire collection of Mirrors of the Soul highlights how the overall beauty is given by the balance between small and large surfaces, like the ordinary and special moments of our lives, between the sparkle of happy moments and the raw charm of the signs left by experiences. For the artist, the beauty of every soul is precisely in the set of those signs that make it unique.

Thereza Pedrosa


More information about the exhibition go to the Gallery website:


Bruno Pedrosa, Mirrors of the Soul, small brooch 4


Bruno Pedrosa, Rinascita, brooch 15


Bruno Pedrosa, Mirrors of the Soul, brooch 36



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Let’s Play | Gigi Mariani

On June 27th the exhibition entitled Let's Play by Gigi Mariani began at the Theresa Pedrosa Gallery in Asolo (TV). The exhibition can be visited in the Gallery and is also visible online at this link. For further information about the artist::

"People have been using rings since ancient times. Over the centuries, countless symbolic and material values have been added to the ring as an object, just think of the family signet ring or engagement ring.
Every piece of jewellery we decide to wear conveys an energy, an emotion and tickles our senses. But as an object, the ring is in my opinion the most playful, cheerful, interactive and engaging that there could be. Wearing it in our hand, we have the pleasure of admiring it not only the moment we pick it up, but all the time we wear it. Not only do we look at it, but we feel it, turn it, touch it. We play with it! The exhibition LET’S PLAY presents a collection of rings by Gigi Mariani, an artist well known for his serious and methodic approach to work, but also for his playful soul and his tireless desire to explore the world around him. This exhibition is then simply an invitation to never stop play and wonder."

Thereza Pedrosa


Gigi Mariani, ring

Gigi Mariani, White Corner, ring

Gigi Mariani, Almost, ring

Gigi Mariani, Labyrinth, ring

Gigi Mariani, Let’s Play, ring



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LUCE | LUZ | LIGHT online exhibition

At the Thereza Pedrosa Gallery in Asolo (TV), the online exhibition entitled LUCE | LUZ | LIGHT began on 4 June. The exhibition is visible until July 12 on the gallery's website at this link:

"In everyone’s life there are always ups and downs, but these last few months have been tumultuous for everyone. There is no need to explain why. One way or another, we have all been shaken up. Getting up and getting back on the game may seem an impossible task on our own. But this is the point: we must remember that we are not alone and that even if we are all going through a difficult time, we can still help each other.
The LUCE LUZ LIGHT exhibition is therefore a personal invitation that I made to 16 Italian artists (of origin or adoption): to join together and launch a beam of light, a breeze of fresh air, a wave of hope. To restart, together. The period in front of us will not be easy, but there will be opportunities and we must continue to pursue our dreams. When we work with what we love, there is no choice, because it’s not just a job. It’s about love. It’s about friendship. So, we need to put all our passion and our energy to create new opportunities and move forward together.

Thanks to Bruno Pedrosa, Carla Riccoboni, Caterina Zanca, Chiara Scarpitti, Clara Del Papa, Corrado De Meo, Gigi Mariani, Heidemarie Herb, Maria Rosa Franzin, Patrizia Bonati, Sara Barbanti, Stefania Lucchetta, Stefano Fronza, Stefano Rossi, Ylenia Deriu and Yoko Takirai | Pietro Pellitteri for having accepted this challenge.

Enjoy this exhibition, because it’s pure energy, it’s pure LIGHT."

Thereza Pedrosa

Bruno Pedrosa, Rinascita, brooch 3

Stefano Fronza, Luce, brooch

Caterina Zanca, Castore, brooch

Carla Riccoboni, Elisse white, neckless

Chiara Scarpitti, Extinct flowers and skulls, brooch

Clara Del Papa, White Convivium, ring

Corrado De Meo, Intrusione Estrusione, brooch 1

Maria Rosa Franzin, Spazio d’Oro, brooch

Gigi Mariani, Almost, ring

Heidemarie Herb, Panta Rhei, brooch 1

Patrizia Bonati, Tutto cambia 3, earrings

Sara Barbanti, Reunion 1, brooch

Yoko Takirai | Pietro Pellitteri, ESSE, neckless

Stefania Lucchetta, Vibration, brooch

Ylenia Deriu, Hoplia Argentea macro, brooch

Stefano Rossi, Passage, brooch


Call for entry to a Exhibition online on Facebook Pagina Dandelion - Mostra evento online.
Deadline June 30.

Curator Maria Laura La Mantia
In collaboration with Letizia Maggio and Valeria Fusco

Dandelion - The necessary lightness.
The need for lightness is the reason why I conceived this competition of ideas, during one of the endless afternoons of these last weeks, on days when I have read, listened and seen day by day what was changing forever aspects of my life that I had given for granted. The strongest feeling was linked to the perception of how this new time we were facing and the contrasting emotions were suggesting the images and the desire to communicate them. It is said that dandelion can thrive even in difficult conditions, so it is no wonder that people attribute it the ability to be able to face the challenges of life. By its nature this is a simple, light flower. Lightness is a perfect concept and it is no coincidence that Dandelion has inspired fine jewellery and design, art and poetry. Among the words that refer to its symbolic meaning I choose FREEDOM.

The project: an idea for a jewel, a competition of ideas for an object/narration.

I ask you to think of a jewel that takes shape by drawing inspiration from what your feelings are, a jewel that narrates what you have observed, felt, experienced.We have seen our personal concepts of space and freedom change so rapisly, we have added new images to the meaning of fragility and resistance to events. Shaping a jewel that is, once again, the object/narration of its time will represent your personal synthesis of this change.
Posts will be shared from May 14 to June 30. The selected works (objects, graphic projects or 3D projects) will be part of an online exhibition on a page that will be generated at the end of the selection.

How to participate:

Each participant can share only one post with image of the jewel, title, caption with a description of maximum 5 lines. No restrictions on materials, type of jewel, techniques used.


A project for a jewel.
The work can be presented in the form of a finished jewel, a drawing / illustration or a 3D project.

Images must have a good resolution quality.
Posts management and selection will be handled by the organizers.

Sunday, 31 May 2020 08:33

Covers by Tore Svensson

Tore Svensson is one of the most influential contemporary Swedish jewellery artists nowadays. In addition to his years of teaching and his academic work, he is constantly working on his carefully developed jewelry and object collections. Tore works mainly with iron and added lately porcelain, wood, and paint. His pieces are characterized by a clear geometry and perfect technical realization. Hannah's Gallery Barcelona after 13 years of intense collaboration with the artist create his first solo exhibition. 33 brooches are especially created for the gallery, interpreting artworks by Miró, Arp, Corse, Knobel, Malevich, among others, dealing in-depth with the subject of copying.

"Ever since Tore first presented us his idea for this exhibition two years ago at Hannah Gallery, we felt enthusiastic and agreed. We were very curious to see his works, already knowing that his work would certainly be good. When we held the first sketches and drawings in our hands, it exceeded our expectations and we were sure that this exhibition would even be one of the best we could possibly make. For us, as art lovers, the joy is not only the jewels themselves but also the background: The references to art and Tore’s proposal of rethinking forms of the present, and related to fine artists he admires, at the same time, being 100% Tore Svensson. 33 pieces, constructed with steel, porcelain, silver, paint and MDF, based on a selection of paradigmatic forms that carry the value and the strength of the enigmatic with them, the start of a graphic alphabet., pieces that reveal the will to reach a maximum level of expression from the maximum reduction. One of these universal objectives, which is not easy to achieve."

Tore Unplugged.
Text by Nichka Marobin on Tore Svensson’s Exhibition COVERS at Hannah Gallery Barcelona.

"When I worked with this project I only choose artists, art or designs I like myself. I did not always feel comfortable when I used another artist's work for my brooches, but I always tried to make something own out of it. It is more a tribute to this artist than making a copy of their art. My project develops more like that than giving an answer of what is allowed to do or not."

More information to the online exhibition:



Beginning tomorrow May 29th at Thereza Pedrosa Gallery in Asolo, the exhibition TRACCE DEL FUTURO by Carla Riccoboni, important designer and goldsmith researcher, pioneer of self-production in the 80s, is considered one of the "masters" of contemporary Italian jewelry. For more information about her visit her website:

Her research is based on the use of mother-of-pearl forms used in printed jewellery, a typical work of Vicenza goldsmith's history, Carla Riccoboni's work is a metaphor for life. The rediscovery of the history and traditions of the territory are deep roots that, safeguarded in the heart, allow us to look to the future with initiative and courage. History, combined with the most intimate human sensibility, opens to the discovery of new unexplored roads. In Carla Riccoboni's research, the synthesis of ancient knowledge and technical innovations, mixed with delicate passion, result in pure strength and beauty.

Visit the exhibition in the gallery:
Thereza Pedrosa Gallery, via Canova 332, Asolo (TV).

Visit the online exhibition:


Monday, 27 April 2020 13:17

OPEN CALL - Jewelry VDW Selection 2020

The competition is promoted by Venice Design Week, Contemporary Jewelry Association Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo (AGC), Ca’ Pisani Design Hotel.
Media Partner:, Vicenza Jewellery.
Galleries and fair partners: OONA gallery, OHMYBLUE, Bini Gallery Australia, AUTOR International Fair for Contemporary Jewelry

Deadline May 26th 2020


For more information Click Here

The competition is promoted by Arte e Design Venezia in collaboration with Italian Archeological Museums.
It is open to any designers from all over the world who choose an inspirational object of an Italian museum.

Media Partner and organizational secretary: Venice Design Week

The competition is open to anyone engaged in designing or working with precious metals, gemstones and such, but also recycled or poor materials are welcome. The award focuses on a contemporary design inspired by ancient design. It is an ideal platform to increase awareness of your brand and to get recognition in Italy.

The objects have to be inspired by archeological findings, the designers are invited to choose a piece from an Italian museums to which the final work(design) can be related. . The designer is free to interpret the ancient to create something contemporary. Here is a list of some examples: object for the house, object for the table, everyday objects,personal accessories including jewelry.

Deadline is: 20th May 2020

For more information Click Here


The unprecedented situation in which we have been living for several weeks because of C-19 pandemia and which makes it impossible for us to plan an international exhibition in the short term, has prompted us to reformulate the characteristics of the project. The call has been re-opened in order to make a double edition in Spring 2021 possible. To give emphasis to this anomalous period, we decided to record this transition between what “was” until the explosion of the pandemic, the dangers of contagion, the paralysis of all activities and confinement – called the PRE – and what gives that moment onwards involved rethinking our lives, our reactions, our roles – called the POST.

The concept of the works can just reflect a creative ‘motus’ that registers, undergoes, reacts to changes – from a conceptual point of view, from a practical point of view, from an existential point of view. Hence our proposal to connect to the theme of a POST Covid-19 creative evolution. And the real challenge, which, at your choice, you will be free to grasp, will be to compare what has already been achieved – for example the work selected in a past edition – with your creative inspiration for the future.

Open Call for established and emerging artists and designers, to present a theme work of experimental jewellery, still unreleased
unreleased – unprecedented work – the award will be contingent upon the distinguished factor of the work to be new, never seen or published before
evaluation elements: balanced combination of concept, form, individual character, harmony with the body, structure, freshness in use or accuracy of making techniques
admitted works: body ornaments
necklace, pendant, brooch, ring, earrings, other wearable ornament
(clothing excluded)
2-step selection: first step | pictures second step | real view of the work

[Online registration HERE ♦ until January 31 .2021]

From May 10, 2020 the exhibition of Gioielli in Fermento 2020 is online at this link:

Below here you find the names of the authors who takes part at the exhibition:

Verde Alfieri, Sara Barbanti, Maura Biamonti, Maria Blondet
Chiara Bordoni, Cristina Celis, Dania Chelminsky, Roberta Consalvo Sances,
Corrado De Meo, Ylenia Deriu. Birgit Duval, Gozde Erdogan, Micol Ferrara,
Sabrina Formica, Laura Forte, Stefano Fronza, Francesca Gabrielli,
Fabiana Gadano, Eleonora Ghilardi, Hoon a Goh, Nataša Grandovec, Margit Hart,
Marta Herradura, Gabriele Hinze, Yi-Hsun Hsieh, Satomi Ito, Ildikó Juhász,
Yukiko Kakimoto, Yasuko Kanno, Ritva Kara, Iro Kaskani Ji Young Kim
Joshua Kosker. Monique Lecouna, Namkyung Lee, Ria Lins, Carmen López,
Mineri Matsuura, Boglárka Mázsi, Francesca Mo, Julia Muenzing, Sogand Nobahar,
Mariagiorgia Pacini, Charlotte Parent, Liana Pattihis, Mabel Pena,
Anna Retico, Chiara Scarpitti, Sara Shahak, Yukie Shirakawa,
Rita Soto Ventura, Claudia Steiner, Rho Tang, Barbara Uderzo,
Eriko Unno, Christina Vandekelder, Yasmin Vinograd, Cristian Visentin,
Yiota Vogli, Babette Von Dohnanyi, Laura Zecchini, Caterina Zucchi


Gioielli in Fermento was born 10 years ago, transforming over time the original theme of its Mediterranean background and atmospheres, but still keeping the ethical and geographic link. The collection chosen by the jury for 2020 appears in a globally suspended time. The pandemic that broke out in the first months of the year indelibly marks a dividing line in the activity of each one of us.


The 2020 theme “evolution & refinement” requires reflection and suggests a new level of research. To emphasize this time of transition, we decided to record the path between what “was” until the explosion of the pandemic, the dangers of contagion, the paralysis of all activities and the confinement – called the PRE – and what implied rethinking our lives, our reactions, our roles, from then on – called the POST –

More information about the competition here


Jury members 2020

Alba Cappellieri, Milano (Italy), professor of Jewelry Design and Accessory at the Milan Polytechnic and director of the Museo del Gioiello of Vicenza

Renzo Pasquale, Padova (Italy) artist and teacher at the goldsmith department of P.Selvatico Art school in Padua

Olga Zobel, Monaco di Baviera (Germany) founder and director of Galerie Birò in Munich


More Information:

Eliana Negroni
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. 39 335 8083039


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