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Saturday, 04 May 2019 10:34

Anna Retico


Affascinata dalle innumerevoli forme della natura, della chimica e della geometria, appassionata e instancabile ricercatrice di materiali inusuali e accattivanti cerco di riproporre nei miei gioielli le emozioni e gli stati d’animo che tutto ciò mi suggerisce quotidianamente. Usando leggerezza e ironia propongo oggetti indossabili realizzati con tecniche tradizionali o con tecniche del tutto nuove, dove la manualità rimane comunque l’elemento principale. Ne risultano prodotti a sorpresa, particolari, con un’anima mista e in evoluzione, mai scontata, mai seriale.







Collana - Liberty
Anelli. Nylon sinterizzato.
Anello. Vetrofusione, argento 925.
Profondo Rosso
Collana. Gomma siliconica, elementi di recupero, filo elastico.
Età della Pietra
Collana. Spugna di PVC, nylon, alluminio.
Collana. Gomma siliconica, nylon.
Collana. Gomma siliconica, filo elastico.
Spilla. Gomma siliconica, filo elastico, elementi in resina, acciaio.
Collana. Filo di PVC, acciaio.
Tre Dì
Collana. Filo elastico, gomma siliconica.



Friday, 19 April 2019 09:50

Elvio Lunian


Twenty years of experience design and general goldsmith and specialized setter, engraver, gemology.
Good knowledge of 3D Rhinoceros 5 design specialized in jewelry design.
Profession: Goldsmith, 3D Designer Rhinoceros 5.
Specialized goldsmith master in metal working or lost wax, in creative design, I create three-dimensional computer projects with Rhinoceros5 program and freehand.
I currently work for artisan companies in different fields: artisan goldsmiths, or 3D jewelry design, and jewel shoe design.
Experiences in: artisan jewelry companies in Venice, Vicenza, Padua and jewelry designer for Italian companies and for Le La Manége in Bijoux E. LECLERC France.
Manual skills: jewelry and goldsmith jewelry, models for industrial craftsmanship, in metal or in lost wax, with gemology specializations, engravings and manual burin decorations, setting precious stones.





silver and bronze ring with ebony insert
3d render of a ring in silver and turquoise
Silver necklace with silicon mineral
silver ring with lapis mineral



Monday, 15 April 2019 08:11

Emanuele Cannoletta

Ciò che amo del mio lavoro è il silenzio.
Mi piace la quiete che avvolge il mio workshop mentre sono all'opera, il lento movimento delle mie mani che danno forma alle mie opere.
Gioco a mischiare i metalli pregiati con i materiali più improbabili nel tentativo di sfidare ogni volta il concetto di "prezioso", affiancando tecniche artigianali ad estetiche contemporanee al fine di creare gioielli ibridi che vibrano irrequieti nel tentativo di spezzare quell'equilibrio ottenuto dalla fusione di opposti.
Mi considero un artigiano alla costante ricerca di ciò che si cela al termine della frase "cosa succederebbe se provassi a fare.."

Friday, 29 March 2019 07:20



Venerdì 29 Marzo 2019, ore 18.00 
Oratorio S.Rocco, Padova.

La mostra sarà aperta al pubblico dal 30 Marzo al 12 Maggio 2019.


from Friday 29 March, 6.00 pm

Oratorio S.Rocco, Padova.
The exhibition will be open from March 30th to May 12th 2019.

Thursday, 21 March 2019 13:26

International Jewellery Competition Silver

Only 11 days left to submit your work for the 28. International Jewellery Competition “Silver”!

Deadline: 1 April 2019

(Works must reach the Gallery within this deadline - the date on the postmark is irrelevant.)
Also, take into account, please, that works sent from abroad may get stuck at the Customs which causes delays in their arrival at the Gallery.
This year it’s also possible to submit the works directly at the AMBERIF Fair in Gdansk (Poland). We’re waiting to meet you and receive your works at the Gallery stand C 603.

The Entry Form and Competition Terms & Regulations are available at

As always, winners can expect (not only) silver awards.

As usual, the Competition is the main event of Legnica SILVER Festival, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary. We’re preparing a congratulations postcard for the Festival in the form of a film and we’d like to invite to this project everyone who has ever taken part in the Jewellery Competition, been to Legnica during SILVER Festival or has been connected with the Festival in any other way. We’re asking you to record a short movie with your smartphone, in which you can simply give your greetings and congratulations to the Festival or say a few words more, for example:

- how you’re associated with SILVER,
- what you remember about your stay in Legnica,
- any special memories,
- funny stories,
- people you met in Legnica,
- friends you made there,
- anything else you’ve always wanted to tell the Festival but never had a chance.

We’re looking forward to receiving your competition works and your films! (Deadlines are the same).

Your Silver Team from the Gallery of Art in Legnica

PS. Submission of a film is equivalent to expressing agreement for the film to be displayed publically and distributed together with other materials promoting the Gallery of Art in Legnica and Legnica Jewellery Festival.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019 07:20

Letizia Maggio


I make jewellery because it makes me feel balanced. And because of my urge to communicate.
Jewellery is contagion. Thoughts and feelins pass from the maker to the viewer just like viruses.
Wearability and perfection are not relevant to me. They may happen , but please don't seek for them in my work.








3rd noble truth - 2017 - silver, yellow gold
5 noble truths - 2017 - silver, yellow gold





20 – 21st April, at the National Theatre Bucharest, Romania

AUTOR is the most important event in the field of contemporary and art jewelry in South-Eastern Europe. The 2019 edition will mark the 10th anniversary of creating a dynamic environment with high selection standards for contemporary jewelry. The participants at AUTOR are offered access to an exquisite and attractive clientele. Beyond the actual fair, AUTOR is an active platform that encourages and creates a dialogue between designers and their public: consumers, collectors, distributors, specialised media.

Established in 2009, AUTOR has positioned itself throughout its 17 editions as an innovative fair, a connector and a context creator for contemporary and art jewelry creative talents.


Call for entries AUTOR 2019:

Friday, 15 February 2019 08:41

Lluís Comín


From a young age, it was clear that I wanted to make a type of jewelry that was not merely ornamental. The jewel is my way of expressing myself artistically with total liberdat, the only condition is that it is related and can be used by a person. I usually work with series, I never know how many pieces, I stop when I think that I have nothing else to say on the subject. I try to create a symbiosis between the jewel and its bearer, so that the two become rich. I feel like a filter trying to express the nuances of the world from my point of view. Few contemporary jewelers come from a family tradition and I was lucky enough to learn the trade with my father and now it is my daughter Elena who learns from me, I feel like the link of a very old chain that transmits ancestral knowledge.






Brooch Title New horizons series Ithaca. Silver, gold, lichen, 2016
Brooch Title. Reconstruction 6. Series. Reconstructions. Silver, lapizlazuli, 2017
Ring. Title. Barcino 1. Serie, Barcino. Silver, gold, Jasper de Montjuich. 2017
Friday, 08 February 2019 07:25

Sara Barbanti


The research is based on the relation between different materials and on how they can converse and enhance each other. The contrast is essential, organic shapes combined with simple figures, poor materials with precious ones, light with darkness. Creating a suggestion in the observer without using figurative elements provokes a wider range of possibilities and reflections. For this reason the creation process becomes extremely important, the spontaneity of the form and the composition are fundamental, the imperfection becomes strength and the fragment infuses a feeling of completeness.
The jewel is born from the transformation of wood into coal, the metamorphosis of the material imparts value to the object, telling a story of unleashed shape shifting potential.





Materia, Brooch, 2017, Charcoal, Silver, Gold, Steel
Healing, Brooch, 2018, Charcoal, Gold, Silver
Radiate, Necklace, 2017, Charcoal, Gold-plated silver, steel
Grandma, Ring, 2018, Charred vine, Silver
Home, Brooch, 2018, Charred vine bark, Gold, Silver
Juniper, Necklace, 2018, Charred Juniper, Gold, Silver
Resterà, Necklace, 2018, Charred vine, silver, steel
Depth, Brooch, 2018, Charcoal, Silver, Gold
Mediterraneo, Brooch, 2018, Charcoal, Silver, Gold
When someone leaves, 2018, Charcoal, Silver
Tuesday, 05 February 2019 15:55

Beatrice Pieroni Lubé


Artista e orafa, Beatrice Pieroni Lubé vive e lavora a Firenze. Nel corso degli ultimi anni ha esposto in varie Gallerie e Musei, in Italia e all’estero, e dato vita a performance ispirate al gioiello d’Arte. Molte delle sue “microsculture” sono entrate in importanti collezioni private. Attenta da sempre a forgiare nuovi stili espressivi, il suo lavoro si concentra principalmente sull’analisi della natura descritta attraverso la lente dell’introspezione. Volumi densi e corpi che si muovono all’interno di uno spazio preciso rappresentano un linguaggio attraverso cui comunicare, di volta in volta, armonia e rottura, tensione e distensione, apertura e chiusura, portando avanti un gioco di scambio empatico con l’ambiente e l’universo che lo circonda.
Il ricorso alla microscultura orafa consente a Beatrice Pieroni Lubé di plasmare direttamente la materia fisica, conferendole quella densità inusuale in grado di sottendere il concetto che sta alla base del suo lavoro. Bellezza e armonia sono semplici punti di partenza. Dietro si nasconde un anelito che conduce all’origine del pensiero artistico. Ogni suo lavoro, nell’essere unico e irripetibile, manifesta apertamente questo slancio al confronto fra ciò che esso rappresenta e ciò che in realtà comunica. Un vocabolario senza fine dal quale attingere per comporre, conferendo al metallo l’anima e l’energia di un’opera d’arte.
Una fra le ultime esperienze espositive è stata quella al MAD, Museum of Art and Design di New York nell’aprile 2018, con la mostra LOOT, MAD about jewelry.

Artist and goldsmith, Beatrice Pieroni Lubé lives and works in Florence. Over the last few years she has exhibited in various Galleries, in Italy and abroad, and given life to performances inspired by the art jewel. Many of her "microsculptures" have become part of important private collections.
Always attentive to forge new expressive styles, her work focuses mainly on the analysis of nature described through the lens of introspection. Dense volumes and bodies moving within a precise space represent a language through which to communicate, from time to time, harmony and rupture, tension and detente, opening and closing, carrying on a game of empathic exchange with the environment and the universe that surrounds it.
The use of goldsmith microsculpture allows Beatrice Pieroni Lubé to directly shape the physical matter, giving it that unusual density capable of underpinning the concept that underlies her work. Beauty and harmony are simple starting points. Behind hides a yearning that leads to the origin of the artistic thought. Each of her works, in being unique and unrepeatable, openly expresses this impetus to the comparison between what it represents and what it actually communicates. An endless vocabulary from which to draw into to compose, giving the metal the soul and energy of a work of art.
One of the latest exhibitions was at MAD, Museum of Art and Design in New York in April 2018, with the exhibition LOOT, MAD about jewelry.



INFIORESCENZA, Ring, silver, bronze, tiger eye
IS IT THE SAME SNOW THAT FALLS, Ring, silver, bronze, onyx, pearl
ITACA, Necklace, silver, bronze
ITACA, Necklace, silver, bronze
SETA,Ring, silver, bronze
FLY, Ring, silver, bronze
FLY, Rings series
POACEAE, Brooch, silver, bronze
RED TOWER, Ring, silver, bronze, coral
HEAVEN AND EARTH, Necklace, silver, bronze, enamel
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