Charon Kransen Arts at the New York Jewelry Week

Charon Kransen Arts at the New York Jewelry Week

"My 30th anniversary as a dealer/gallery in contemporary jewelry. To celebrate that occasion I have decided to choose the theme RED. RED being my favorite color for as long as I remember."
The exhibition is called " Wearing RED, Ignite the Fire": 60 international jewelry artists will each show a few works in which the dominant color is RED.
“Red is the great clarifier—bright, cleansing, and revealing. It makes all other colors beautiful. I can’t imagine becoming bored with red—it would be like becoming bored with the person you love.” (Diana Vreeland)

Exhibition Address: 72 Warren Street, New York City (Tribeca)

Opening Hours
Mon. Nov.13 to Sat. Nov.18 noon - 7.00pm ; Sun. Nov.19 noon - 5.00pm

I have invited Nichka Marobin, art historian and curator from Italy, to lecture about RED and its many associations ( love, anger, lust, war, blood, religion, passion etc. )
That lecture, "The Game of Red Tarots", will be held on Wednesday Nov.15 at 4.00pm at the exhibition space: 72 Warren Street

The lecture “The Game of Red Tarots” will focus on a cultural and historical journey throughout the color red. The color red is conceived as a tarot-card draw. Each card can be read and interpreted in many different ways, depending on which side one picks up the card. The lecture will show an overview of the different meanings of the color red from Ancient times up to modernity, highlighting its cultural, social and visual impact in our lives.

Nichka Marobin will also lecture on the Morning Bark, “Les Métissages | allotropy proximity and multiformity in fashion and jewelry”.
The lecture will focus on the research project started in 2014 and published by The Morning Bark -the blo(g)azette founded by Nichka, investigating the life of forms and their migration in the field of fashion and contemporary jewelry. The lecture will display a series of combinations and the pairings illustrate the extensive vitality of this hybrid territory where ideas collide and coincide from two different artistic sides.
This lecture will take place Nov.17th at 10.00am at the Jewelry Library, 1239 Broadway, top floor.

Here are some of the works on display: