Plottery: Wearable Will

Extracting the hidden, dynamic tension of desires and wills within jewellery and body related objects, these unconventional wearables are surreal revelations of the realistic problematics around identity.

Man Nequin-An elegant hat has its wide brim exaggerated into a mannequin, portraying subversive image of human becomes the display of jewellery. Our real figure is being covered by the domination of materialistic, vanity and gaze.

Miss Chief-This erotic high heel pipe satirizes towards stereotyped sex relationship and the association between foot fetish and status disparity favor in sadomasochism. The hidden silver ring associates such subject towards marriage relationship. Beyond this, performance film casting both masculine and feminine roles of myself explores the dizzy and narcissist sensuality of polarized identities within one-self.

Materials: mix media.



SATUR CHONG Miss Chief Object


SATUR CHONG MONTEBELLO AWARD Miss Chief image5 cheeesecake cheeesecake


SATUR CHONG Man Nequin i cheeesecake cheeesecake