An exhibition of the Permanent Collection of Contemporary Jewellery

An exhibition of the Permanent Collection of Contemporary Jewellery

On 10 June 2022 at 6:30 p.m. an exhibition of contemporary research jewellery consisting of 84 pieces from the Raffaele Cominelli Foundation opens at the Monza LeoGalleries space at Via De Gradi 10. Curated by Rita Marcangelo, Rossella Tornquist and Rosanna Padrini Dolcini, the exhibition is one of the events that make up FuorisaloneMonza 2022.
The exhibition has been organized and brought to life by the Addicted project, a new entity which will be officially unveiled at this event and was created to raise awareness and support the world of contemporary and art jewellery. Art historian Simona Bartolena together with Laura Gadda, Elena Guerini and Daniela Porta of LeoGalleries, will explain the background to Addicted, its choices and goals at the opening of the exhibition. All are founders of this new entity and already very active in the art world.
In addition, on 16 June 2022 at 6:30 p.m. there will be an event where it will be possible to meet the curators of the Collection, who will present the activities of the Cominelli Foundation by illustrating the jewellery on display.

The Permanent Collection was born from a collaboration between the Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo (AGC) and the Cominelli Foundation as part of the annual Cominelli Foundation Prize, a competition that, since 2010, has featured contemporary jewellery artists from around the world. The Collection, which began in 2011, was curated for the first year by Dr. Bianca Cappello, a jewellery critic and historian, who made an initial selection of artists based on the different modes and interpretative aspects of the subject. In 2012, Rita Marcangelo took over this role. In addition to expanding the Collection through constant selection of new works, she has completely reorganised it in order to give a broader overview of the different areas of research that characterize contemporary jewellery today. As a result, the exhibition has been divided into four macro-thematic areas, which in turn are divided into specific areas of interest.
Among the latest works to have been donated is a bracelet by Marjorie Schick from Helen W. Drutt English, one of the most important collectors of contemporary jewellery. She was invited by AGC and the Foundation to select the participants in the Cominelli Prize in the 2017-2018 edition. On that occasion she was very impressed with the venue and the project. Appointed by the Schick family with the responsibility of entrusting the artist's works to museums and permanent collections, which, for her, were more deserving in importance and quality, she decided to donate the 1994 Ridget armlet to the Permanent Collection.

armband by Marjorie Schick

brooch by Alba Polenghi Lisca

brooch by Jimin Kim

brooch by Judy McCaig

ring by Maria Cristina Bellucci

ring by Nahoko Fujimoto

brooch by Silke Trekel

pendant by Trinidad Contreras