RUBY GOLD of Karl Fritsch

RUBY GOLD of Karl Fritsch

At Galerie Zink Waldkirchen in Germany, the first solo exhibition entitled "Ruby Gold" by the artist Karl Fritsch with the gallery is underway. The exhibition began with an opening event on the weekend of 12 and 13 September and in connection with the playful and iconoclast nature of the artist's works, the gallery displays the jewelry in an unconventional manner, as if in a playground with slides in an all black space. In accompaniment with the show, the artist and the gallery has also produced an exquisite catalogue of the artist's works. From October 17 we are excited to expand the show with photographs by Amsterdam based artist Paul Kooiker, a leading figure in conceptual photography in Europe. Both shows will be held until December 20.

Karl Fritsch belongs to the International Avant-Garde in the field of artistic jewelry. Trained as a goldsmith, he is renowned for his daring works that disregard all conventions of traditional jewelry. His treatment of materials and forms disrupt the jewelry world. He would pierce a multi-carat diamond with a laser and fix the gemstone to a gold ring using an old, rusty nail. He would build extravagant and flashy rings with common materials like aluminium and synthetic stones. He engraves "Fuck off" on an antique Byzantine ring.Through elaborate processes, Fritsch creates jewelry and sculptures that exude a playful lightness. They often have a sense of improvisation and an almost childlike fascination of the unexpected. Karl Fritsch is the darling of the artistic jewelry scene and his works are not only worn, but also on display in many museum collections and his rings are in demand as collector's items. By pushing boundaries beyond what is conventionally associated with "jewelry", the artist explores the eccentric, creating a profound expression of individuality. One of a kind, like the person wearing it! 


All the pictures © by Erich Spahn