Gerd Rothmann | Almost unintentionally designed

Gerd Rothmann | Almost unintentionally designed

The next exhibition at the Birò Gallery in Munich will feature Gerd Rothmann's 2019 and 2020 jewels, modeled with his thumb, cast in silver and arranged in color.

„The underlying intention is to show the pieces of jewelry presented together with their designs and collages. I regard it as important to incorporate my specific context together with my thinking about jewelry. The collages convey an impression of the stimulating climate of creation, or of my searching for and feeling my way towards the design, long before the piece of jewelry itself is fully fashioned.

The most important tool in modelling jewelry is the goldsmith’s thumb. Literally, the artist imprints his thumb upon the piece of jewelry.

Employing minimal technique, the individual impressions, cast in silver, are flexibly connected the one to the other. In order to create aesthetic highlights, a number of the impressions have been coloured.

It is in this way that over the last two years, rings, bracelets, brooches and necklaces have come into being.„ Gerd Rothmann


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