The Power of Happiness

The Power of Happiness

From 11 August and until 14 September will be online on the Thereza Pedrosa Gallery website the exhibition entitled "The Power of Happiness", an exhibition focused on earrings.

I consider myself a happy person. Like everyone else, I have amazing and joyful moments in my life, but also stressful and tiring ones. The point is that happiness is a mindset and I really believe that we can choose the direction that our mindset will take. A positive attitude and good mood can help us achieve our goals, but above all they can be spread around and within us exponentially. “The Power of Happiness” exhibition was born then not as a philosophy, but with a purpose of action. In a year that is proving really difficult and challenging to many, “The Power of Happiness” was my personal invitation to artists to think positive, to move forward with a healthy purpose, to have hope for the future and to share these emotions with the people around them and in the pieces made for this show. The result is an incredible group of 110 pairs of earrings made by 20 artists from more than 10 different countries. They agreed to put their minds on a positive and constructive path to share with you joy, hope and good vibes.

For this reason I am immensely grateful to them and I want to thank Aişegül Telli, Anke Hennig, Carla Riccoboni, Caterina Zanca, Clara Del Papa, Claudia Steiner, Gigi Mariani, Heidemarie Herb, Jeemin Jamie Chung, Jil Koehn, Judy McCaig, Lluís Comín, Maria Rosa Franzin, Maria Tsimpiskaki, Nicola Heidemann, Nicolas Estrada, Patrizia Bonati, Sara Barbanti, Ylenia Deriu, Yoko Takirai & Pietro Pellitteri.

Enjoy this exhibition, because each of these earrings is a reminder for happiness.

Thereza Pedrosa




Gigi Mariani, Pebbles, earrings


Maria Rosa Franzin, Segno Niello, earrings


Nicola Heidemann, Plumblue, earrings


Caterina Zanca, Apparenze, earrings