MIRROR OF THE SOUL by Bruno Pedrosa

MIRROR OF THE SOUL by Bruno Pedrosa

Open at the Thereza Pedrosa Gallery and on its online site the solo exhibition of Bruno Pedrosa, from August 1 to September 1, 2020.

Bruno Pedrosa’s work is eclectic, as he moves comfortably from canvas to glass, from marble to paper, from brass to mosaic, from bronze to ceramic. Every time his life changes, he seeks new ways to express his feelings and himself. In early 2020, the artist celebrated 70 years of age and 50 years of career. This has led him to dwell on his life, his work and his artistic career. With a renewed desire to get back in the game and face new challenges, he started a collection of one-of-a-kind sculptures to wear. The period of isolation was therefore seized by Bruno as an unexpected opportunity to look inside himself and express his thoughts in a new form. The artist has always loved to discover new ways for his creativity, but the study of volumes remains the constant essence in all his works. Each wearable sculpture presented in the exhibition Mirrors of the Soul contains for Bruno Pedrosa an essential harmony for the soul. The balance between moments of happiness and moments of suffering are manifested in each brooch through the alternation of surfaces, sometimes smooth, shiny, brilliant, sometimes scratched, wounded and marked. The balance between moments of lightness and moments of emotional depth are manifested through the play of full and empty, concave and convex volumes. As in every human relationship, perfection attracts, the points of light capture the first glance, but it is the signs, the scars, the imperfections that enchant, fascinate and make the mind wander, falling in love. The entire collection of Mirrors of the Soul highlights how the overall beauty is given by the balance between small and large surfaces, like the ordinary and special moments of our lives, between the sparkle of happy moments and the raw charm of the signs left by experiences. For the artist, the beauty of every soul is precisely in the set of those signs that make it unique.

Thereza Pedrosa


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Bruno Pedrosa, Mirrors of the Soul, small brooch 4


Bruno Pedrosa, Rinascita, brooch 15


Bruno Pedrosa, Mirrors of the Soul, brooch 36