INSTRUMENTADESIGN 2020 between ancient and contemporary

INSTRUMENTADESIGN 2020 between ancient and contemporary

The competition is promoted by Arte e Design Venezia in collaboration with Italian Archeological Museums.
It is open to any designers from all over the world who choose an inspirational object of an Italian museum.

Media Partner and organizational secretary: Venice Design Week

The competition is open to anyone engaged in designing or working with precious metals, gemstones and such, but also recycled or poor materials are welcome. The award focuses on a contemporary design inspired by ancient design. It is an ideal platform to increase awareness of your brand and to get recognition in Italy.

The objects have to be inspired by archeological findings, the designers are invited to choose a piece from an Italian museums to which the final work(design) can be related. . The designer is free to interpret the ancient to create something contemporary. Here is a list of some examples: object for the house, object for the table, everyday objects,personal accessories including jewelry.

Deadline is: 20th May 2020

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