Relearn to look: thoughts on the participatory art of the human body

Abstract Essay: The essay addresses the contemporary jewelry practice as a cultural phenomenon that increasingly became a platform that interprets the imaginaries of the contemporary world, taking in consideration how the relationship between jewelry and the body shifted more and more from the status of ornament to a tool for conveying content. The issue of the body has been at the center of the 20th century art, especially through the work of women artists in the 60’s and 70’s that declared the dignity of emotions as a subject, dwelling on Lygia Clark’s participatory practice as straightforward in this sense and pioneering as anticipated the deep respect for subjectivity our time requires. The impossibility to solve the “art question” is what keeps us focused on the task up to the present day, where contemporary art practices, like jewelry, by often departing from an established visual vocabulary, offer unexpected point of view about the performative nature and the participatory art of the human body.