Devotional Jewellery in Barcelona

Devotional Jewellery in Barcelona

AGC, the Italian Association for contemporary jewellery, takes to Barcelona the exhibition Devotional Jewellery | Gioiello Devozionale. Pensieri Preziosi 17 from Padova, through a new setup in the exhibit hall of the famous Escola Massana.

The opening is scheduled for Tuesday 26 September 2023 at 6.30 pm at the Escola Massana headquarters, Plaça de la Gardunya, 9 and can be visited until 13 October according to the opening hours of the art and design center located at Raval, right behind the Boqueria Market.

With the project started in Padua at the San Rocco Oratory for the 17th edition of Pensieri Preziosi/Precious Thoughts event, an important international festival of contemporary jewellery, the curators Mirella Cisotto Nalon and Maria Rosa Franzin have developed the idea of Elena Alfonsi, thananalogist, identifying a contemporary focus on devotional jewellery.

A broad view of the concept and meaning of loss aimed at the loss, the sudden, total and permanent lack of an affection; however, collective themes also emerge, such as the destruction of forests, the extinction of animal species and, in some works, the desire not to lose artistic techniques that collect the cultural significance of a land.
The exhibition features the works of over 80 international artists, selected from a great number who responded to the AGC Call, together with some invited artists: Jivan Astfalck, David Bielander, Stephen Bottomley, Helen Britton, Sébastien Carré, Jürgen Eickhoff, Arata Fuchi, Kadri Mälk, Judy McCaig, Kazumi Nagano, Ramón Puig Cuyàs, Marianne Schliwinski, Alejandra Solar, Tanel Veenre, Silvia Walz.

The organization of the exhibiting circuit is the result of the collaboration of the Spanish/Catalan and Italian members of AGC with the support of the Acción Cultural Dpt. of Escola Massana Art and Design Center, the Direction of Contemporania the CCAM Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda de Catalunya and the JORGC - Official College of Jewellers, Goldsmiths, Watchmakers and Gemologists of Catalonia.

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Following the works of some authors selected for the exhibition:


Nomoto Misaki, necklace

Thalau Birgit, brooch

Houtman Maya, pendant

Kiskite Lauryna, brooch

Cristalove, brooch

Fuchi Arata, earrings

Alejandra Solar, brooch

Rios Cova, pendant - earrings - ring