Incontri in AGC: events

Incontri in AGC: events

After an interesting first interlocutory meeting and session with Mariangela Murgia and Alberto Catalano of Fluxis, more Incontri@AGC are scheduled.


The calendar is continuing through June with the following proposals:


Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023 h.20.30

The "care" of the curator. The role and quality of the curator and the importance, as well as the necessity, of his or her critical stand and research

Incontri@Agc with Maria Rosa Franzin and Thereza Pedrosa


Thursday, 03/16/2023 h.8:30 pm

Will it be ve(t)ro? - Stories and curiosities of glass through the work of forgers

Incontri@Agc with Caterina Zucchi


Thursday 23.03.2023 h.20.30

Join us! - Incontri@Agc in English and Spanish for international and Italian members who would like to speak


Thursday 04.05.2023 h.20.30

Jewelry and the Spirit of Time. A personal look with a bit of disenchantment into the everyday filtered through the history and uniqueness of jewelry of all times and genres

Incontri@Agc with Maria Laura La Mantia


Thursday, 06/29/2023 h.8:30 pm

Nano-explorations and surface narratives. Applications of quantum phenomena in contemporary jewelry.

Incontri@Agc curated by Alice Rendon


We remind you of the email address to which to write for clarifications, suggestions, proposals: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.